Wednesday 29 July 2015

Brompton Hub Gear Cable Pulley Assembly - part update

In July (we think) 2015 there has been a small update to Brompton components

The picture below shows the old and new Brompton hub gear cable pulley assembly - it is used to route the hub gear cable (used on Sturmey Archer and SRAM / Sachs 3, 5 and 6 speed setups) through a ninety degree bend (using a pulley wheel inside the assembly to ensure smooth motion of the cable) just before it attaches to the cable anchor and the gear indicator chain.

New look Brompton Gear Cable Pulley Assembly

Not to worry - the new pulley assembly is compatible with Bromptons old and new. Below shows the difference between the old and new version - it's just a change to the look really.

Old (on the left) and New (on the right) Gear cable assembly
Just in case you are not quite sure where it fits - the below picture shows it in position on the Brompton.

Brompton gear cable pulley assembly in place
Brompton Gear Cable Pulley Assemble in place
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