Tuesday 5 May 2015

Brompton 10 degree brake lever

About Brompton 10 degree brake levers and new cable end

In 2012 Brompton changed the size of the nipple used on their brake cables from a proprietary size to a standard brake nipple size.

The new (standard - as you would find on a Hybrid / MTB bicycle for example) nipple is slightly smaller than the previous one used by Brompton.

This is good if you want to use non-Brompton brake cables but bad if you have some of the older 10 degree Brompton brake levers.

Open clevis

Brompton 10 degree brake lever - Open Clevis

Because of the reduced nipple size, some of the older levers (those with an open clevis) must be replaced. These are so called 10 degree levers (this is the angle at which the cable fed out from the lever). They can be identified as they have a double metal band where the lever is secured to the handlebars. See picture

Some older 10 degree brake levers had an open clevis as shown in the below picture:

(the clevis is circled in red - it's the part into which the nipple sits)

Brake clevis on Brompton 10 degree lever

Closed Clevis

The closed clevis brake lever was introduced in August 2008

Some 10 degree levers (as shown below) and the newer 30 degree levers and (introduced in 2013) aluminium brake levers from Brompton have what is known as a closed clevis.
Brompton 10 degree lever with closed clevis
With the closed clevis (even in conjunction with the smaller brake nipple) there is no risk that when the cable is slack that the nipple falls out rendering the brake useless.

As you can see from the picture - with the closed clevis the cable has to be fed through a hole, meaning it can't fall out.

Brompton with the 10 degree brake levers with an open clevis should be replaced with either the 30 degree or new aluminium brake levers.

All Brompton brake parts (cables, callipers and levers) for sale can be found here:

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Robin said...

Thanks! This is really useful information.

I have a 10 degree lever with closed clevis, and I would like to replace the rear brake cable, which is frayed. Do you know if it's possible to get a suitable replacement? I can't seem to find one.