Thursday 25 June 2015

More Brompton colour - handlebar clamps

Ready for summer - to brighten up your Brompton, there are some new colour Brompton clamps now available.

Each Brompton has two clamps to lock the frame in place when in the unfolded position as shown in the picture below (it's not the best picture - we used the Brompton bike builder to grab it - sorry!)

Location if Brompton Hinge Clamps

The hinge clamp assembly (QHCA) consists of two parts - the hinge clamp plate (QHCPL) and the hinge clamp lever / bolt assembly (QHCLEVA) - see left.

The hinge clamp plate is available in silver or silver (though we have heard of some people getting them anodised to give extra colour there)

The hinge clamp lever / bolt is easily removed for replacing - no tools required.

It simply unscrews / screws into the frame (you already partially unscrew it when folding the bike)

The new (for 2015) Brompton coloured hinge clamp levers

Now - for the first time ever, the hinge clamp lever / bolt assembly is available in colours other than black ....

Sunflower yellow
Lime green (though we think it's a bit light for lime - more like mint!)

They come display packaged (on re-cycled card of course)

For the full range of hinge clamps - click here

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