Thursday 1 January 2015

Brompton new colours for 2015

The New Year - 2015 sees some new frame colours supplied by Brompton

Black (the most popular colour) and white (collectively known as the mono range), remain the cheapest (there is a surcharge for the other colours)

Brompton Lime Green colour - new for 2015
2015 Brompton Colours

The new Brompton colours introduced are:
Berry Crush (shown below)
Cherry Blossom
Lagoon Blue
Tempest Blue (this was actually available in the past and has been re-introduced)
Lime Green (shown to the left here)
Ivory (this was available

As with previous years you can choose a bike in just one colour - or with the main frame in one colour, with the extremities (rear frame/triangle, handlebar stem and forks) in a second colour.

2014 Brompton Colour list

Some of the colours previously available have now been discontinued - but don't worry if you need to replace a broken part.

Brompton still supply frame parts for all colours that they have ever produced - even the old gloss paint finish.

There is however a slight price and possibly time penalty for the non-current colours, as they have to be painted specially.

Any replacement frame parts must be supplied and fitted by an authorised Brompton dealer - so no DIY replacements.

Brompton Berry Crush - New for 2015
Brompton Cherry Crush - Another fruity new 2015 colour
The complete list of 2014 Brompton colours is as shown in the list below - those with a line through are no longer available on new 2015 bikes:
Turkish Green
Cobalt Blue
Racing Green
Sage Green
Desert Sand
Hot Pink
Apple Green
Arctic Blue
Raw Lacquer
Titanium parts are still in short supply, meaning that it's difficult to get superlight Bromptons - though it is rumored that this could be rectified for good in 2016
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