Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Which Brompton handlebar type do I have?

It may be simple for those us who have worked on and with Bromptons for years - but many of our Brompton spares and accessories are for specific handlebar types.

If you are not sure which type you have, then it makes ordering the right replacements difficult (gear and brake cables for example are pre-cut to the correct length based upon the type of handlebar your Brompton has)

So here we are ... There are 4 types of handlebar type

The original was the classic M-type, still the most popular with our customers.

Brompton with classic M-type handlebars
Brompton straight / S-type handlebars
Then in May 2005 the S-type and P-type were introduced

The S-type handlebars (shown to the right) give a sporty feel to the ride, with your head down ready for racing away from the lights during the rush hour.
Brompton P-type handlebars
The P-type handlebars (shown to the left) give the rider a variety of riding positions - hence P-type for multi position.

They are generally most popular for long distance touring where, when spending hours in the saddle, being able to ride in different positions can be beneficial.

Brompton H-type handlebars

Last but in no means least was the H-type  - introduced in Janyary 2012 - to cater for taller riders and
the Northern European markets (Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden) where a more upright riding style is preferred.

The handlebars used are exactly the same as on the M-type, the difference is that the handlebar stem is approx 2cm / 1 inch longer just below the hinge.

Each Brompton handlebar type has it's own handlebar stem and cable lengths - which means you can;t just change handlebar types if you want the fold to function correctly.

If you are looking to buy a new Brompton  - then why not use the Brompton website - it will help guide you through making the right choice (click here) or come and visit Brilliant Bikes in Chobham where we have a large range of Bromptons including a demo in stock - you can see our list of in-stock Bromptons by clicking here.

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