Thursday 22 September 2011

Bright lights

It's autumn (well I think so at least - although some people argue it's not until a certain date).

For me, autumn begins when it starts feeling colder and it's getting dark in the mornings and evenings.

Which means either giving up riding or getting some good lights.

This year - the bright lights (I hope) will win out and make it a year around cycle time.

We at Brilliant Bikes have started stocking (only after trying of course - as we wouldn't sell what we don't use) bright rechargeable lights from Light and Motion (a US company based in Monterey, California who cycle).

They are so bright - we are actually looking forwards to dark nights to better try them out.

The Stella 300 lights up the track like a car headlight and when I first turned on the VIS 180 - a rear light complete with amber side lighting (in the day), I was so dazzled that I walked into a door!

Riding that night it could have been pure imagination but it felt like the cars were giving more space.

More (including videos to show just how good they - we hope), will follow very soon.

Check them out here: