Thursday 11 December 2014

It's been a year already!

When we say it's been a year - that's a year since we opened our shop (it's been even longer since we posted on this blog - we've been busy) - Brilliant Bikes, in Chobham

We opened our physical shop last year - just in time for the Chobham Christmas Extravaganza in 2013 - late night opening to you and me.

Brilliant Bikes Chobham - complete with snowflakes!
Of course we had previously been selling tools, spares and accessories for bicycles (and specialising in spares and accessories for Brompton folding bikes - with the odd leftover used for making Christmas wreaths as shown in the bottom picture) since 2009 at

So this year we have a bit more stock, were a bit more prepared and ... have our Christmas snowflakes proudly on display.

This time last year we were selling complete bikes by Frog - lightweight childrens bikes, and Pashley - classic handmade British bikes.

In 2014 we have added complete bikes from Marin - the founders of modern day mountain biking, who now make a complete range of bikes from full suspension and hard-tail (a bike with no rear suspension) mountain bikes through hybrid (sometimes referred to as dual-sport as they can be used on and off road) as well as road and cyclocross bikes.

Happy Christmas from Brilliant Bikes
We also stock Intense - another Californian brand - who hand make performance mountain bikes including the Interlake MTB of the year - the Tracer 275c - full suspension and carbon!

We were lucky with the weather - a cold wintery (temperature - no snow) night with full moon.

Sweets were handed out to passing children (we weren't under any type of commission from the local dentists - but we will suggest that to them next year) and anyone else who wasn't already full from the mince-pies being handed out by half of the village shops in Chobham.

Thanks to everyone who visited and see you again next Christmas - if not before.

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