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Brompton 2017 Luggage - Ortlieb O bag

Brompton O Bag

Dear handsome intelligent reader, it's now almost 2018 and we started to write this in 2016!
Brompton O Bag in the corner of a room with lamp and sunflowers
Spotlight on the Brompton O Bag

Brompton again have a new range of luggage to fit the front carrier block (the most essential upgrade to any Brompton bike?)

But where to start, with our favourite luggage item - the Brompton O bag (O standing for German company Ortlieb - as it's made in conjunction with the top name in waterproof bicycle luggage)

Rather than try and complete the post, we're going to build it and add to it - so if you have any questions, then just drop us a line here

We're going to try and list all the features, then expand on them (maybe not all today so you may need to check back)!
Choice of colours
Which Brompton(s) will it fit?
Two removable waterproof cary bags / containers
Carry strap
Built in carrier block attachment
Carry handle with reflective braiding
Laptop pocket
Zip up internal pockets
Built in key holder

Brompton O Bag colours

The Brompton bag, made (as said before) in partnership with Ortlieb was first introduced in 2010. It was the first true waterproof luggage item for the Brompton. It has been available in various colours, some discontinued one year and introduced a couple of years later.

For 2017/2018 the Brompton O bag is available in just the following colours (assuming you count black as a colour):
Reflective black (new for 2018)
Grey (new for 2018)
[need pictures of the new 2018 bags!]

Different coloured Brompton Ortlieb bags
Brompton O bags - pre 2018 season colours
The above image isn't the best - but it will give some idea of the O bags that have been available

Older colours - these will gradually become unavailable as stocks sell out, but are currently still available to Brompton dealers:
Lagoon Blue

Brompton O bags - orange with old logo and white with new logo
Brompton O Bags - old and new logo
Pre the 2016 revamp (logo design / improvement) colours:

Yellow - Introduced in 2014, then doscontinued in 2016

Red - Introduced in 2014, then discontinued in 2016
Apple Green
Arctic Blue - Introduced in 2014, then discontinued in 2015
White - Introduced in 2013, revamped (with new logo) in 2016

Pink - Introduced in 2010, then discontinued in 2013

In the picture you can see the old (on the Orange bag) versus the new (on the white bag) logo - this changed in the 2015/2016 model

Which Brompton(s) will it fit?

Here we are referring to the handlebar type

The O bag is designed to fill all Brompton handlebar types - even the S-type. But it does have a proviso that the bag should not be over-filled (as that would stop the bars turning correctly) when used with a S-type (straight / sports style) handlebar equipped Brompton.


The main bag looks to be based on the Ortlieb Downtown bag - but built for mounting to the Brompton front carrier block instead of a standard bike rack

It is waterproof to IP53 standard (5=protected against dust, 3=protected against spray watermax. 60° to the vertical) - but to meet this the top must be completely closed

Brompton O bag - showing two waterproof removable bags on the back
Two waterproof bags on the back of the O bag
In addition to the normal features found on the Ortlieb Downtown bag, the Brompton makes use of the fact that it doesn't attach to a standard rack by making  use of the back of the bag - with two removable waterproof bags

These two bags can clip onto and off of the back of the bag - and feature a roll top top - to ensure they are really waterproof - great for storing your phone etc in the wettest weather

One really neat feature is that one of the two bags has fixings on it to attach the main shoulder strap to - so if (for example) you are away touring for a weekend, and leave your Brompton / O-bag in the hotel, but want a small carry bag for your valuables (passport, phone, keys, small wallet) - then it can be used for that

One of the neatest features - often overlooked - that the waterproof rear bag can be turned into a small handbag!
One of the neatest features - often overlooked - that the waterproof rear bag can be turned into a small handbag!
That carry strap isn't just for the small bag - it doubles up as the shoulder strap for the main bag - making it easy to carry when not on the bike

The strap attaches and detaches easily

In the instruction leaflet (sheet) that comes with the bag, it does warn you to remove the strap from the bag when riding. This is for safetly - to stop ot from wrapping itself around the front wheel /  handlebars / passing car/pedestrian [insert of your own danger here!]



Built in carrier block attachment

Most of the Brompton luggage items (with the exception of this one and its baby brother / sister - the Mini O bag) have an internal frame (normally removable) which attaches the bag to the front carrier block

The Ortlieb bags have a built in heavy duty plastic mount which attaches to the front carrier block

In this picture you can see the front carrier attachment - allowing you to easily fit / remove the O bag to your bike

If you are looking to buy one - you can see the Brompton O bag range on the Brilliant Bikes website

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