Sunday 14 December 2014

Hopping around the Christmas tree ....

We opened our Brilliant Bikes shop in Chobham in 2013 - just before Christmas.

We actually didn't want to sell "kids bikes" as generally - of course not all - that we had come across were heavy (sometimes too heavy for the child to pick up after falling off), and poor quality - and we want to encourage people to ride.

Heavy, poor built bikes for kids didn't sit well with us - if your first bike is a poor experience, then it's unlikely that you will continue as you grow (like those poor skiers who are taught by their "friends" taking them to the top of the scariest black run and told "you'll be OK!")

While we were in the progress of refurbishing the shop prior to opening, we were approached by Frog Bikes.

Frog lightweight bikes under the Christmas tree
Our Frogs lined up by the Christmas Tree
Frog Bikes are a local company (to us), based in Englefield Green - they were also fed up with the poor quality, heavy bikes their children were almost expected to ride - so decided they could do better if they made their own (company and bike)

Their initial sales were online - with delivery to a local bike shop for building by the shop mechanic (again - the assembly should not be overlooked) and collection by the customer.

They persuaded us to take one and build / deliver.

We were hooked - they were good quality (they constantly improve the build / specification) so we decided that when we opened, we would indeed stock childrens bikes - in the form of Frog Lightweight Bikes)

Forwards one year (to now) and we try and keep a full display in our shop in Chobham.

Full display?

Frogs (the original - not the road bikes or Sky team special edition come in 5 colours):
Smaller sizes come in red, purple, orange and white (with spots)
Larger sizes replace the white spotty colour with black (for young adults)

We keep one of each size - so you can try for size (we don't sell by internet and ship in a box as we believe that you should pre-size to make sure it fits), and each colour (so that having found the right size you can choose your favourite)

We do show availability online at

Useful links:
Brilliant Bikes
Frog Bikes

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