Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas shopping versus riding

Brilliant Bikes - Sorry we're closed
More accurate would be - we're out riding!
We're closed Sunday's - it's our ride day

But it's almost Christmas already - so also Christmas shopping day

So with the sun shining and not wanting to get stuck in a jam of angry shoppers and have no parking available, it's off to the train station.

Passing close to Swinley Forest and it's mountain bike trails (Martins Heron) didn't help get into the shopping mood - or the train gradually filling up with grumpy families (what is the optimum date for Christmas spirit, before the initial excitement turns it into a chore?)

Crowded shops, pushy salespeople and a seemingly smoke filled outside (how does that happened) led to a shorter than planned shop and a resolve to:
Get it done on the Internet 
Only after getting home ASAP and getting out for a ride in the sun!

What's the reason that train feels slower on the journey home - it's like a race by the sun - to see if it can set before ride time. Luckily (just in case the sun is the victor) the lights were put on charge the previous night - maybe sub-conscious planning!

The bikes can almost be heard calling as the train gets closer to home, station by station.

Cold, fresh winter air at sunset - enough said :-)

Horses causing a traffic jam on Chobham common
Traffic Jam on Chobham common!
Remember: Even when we're closed - we're open for online sales at

And Monday morning we'll be back in the shop packing and sending your parcels - so you too can avoid the shops.

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